Jay’s comment!

Jay Jeong is my best friend. I interview him because he is Miyazaki Hayao’s huge fan.

We went to cafe ‘Royale cupcake’ and had great conversation sharing experience with Miyazaki Hayao’s movie.

What do you think about him?

I think he is a genius. I cannot imagine where he finds his script from. I believe he still has very pure mild like child, and it brings his magical imagination. I actually admired him as director.

How did you know about his movie?

I saw Totoro, when I was in high school. I had to see Totoro because of editing work for our school festival. It captured me instantly, so I watched several other movies and I fell in love to Miyazaki’s master pieces.

What is your favorite Miyazaki’s movie?

I love his entire movies, but Howl’s moving castle is the best. Its firm story line, and great delineation of each character makes me existed. In addition, the music is beautiful! I’d love to watch this movie again! I actually saw them several times, but I want to see again and again.

I heard that there is Ghibli museum in Seattle did you know about that?

No, I didn’t. I thought it was only located in Japan. I’d love to visit there. Do you have any information?

Here is address and information of Ghibli Museum in Seattle.

You can get more info in this site below.


Seattle Office


600 University St., Suite   415, Seattle, WA 98101, U.S.A.

Phone & Facs

Tel:866-467-8877 /   Facs:206-343-4727



Business hours



Saturday, Sunday and local   holidays


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