The Cat Returns

I like cats! That’s why I chose to watch this movie. The director of this movie is Morita Hiroyuki from Ghibli studio. Today, I’m going to introduce the plot, not from the Wikipedia!

17 years old Haru who is main character of this movie feel boring of her ordinary life.

She is always oversleep and misses her mother’s breakfast.

After school, she accidently rescues the cat that brings present. Everything was fine at that time.


That night, cats are coming from country. The cat she rescued was prince of cat country. They want to give her a reward as marring to prince cat.

After asking all around, she finds Muta who helps her to bring troubleshooter, Baron.

He is Baron! Very gentle man^0^

Unfortunately, cats who got King’s order find Haru, and brings her to their country.

She was invited to cat’s party; therefore, she changed her dress, but when she saw the mirror, she found out that she turned into cat! What a depressed fact!

The party is delightless, and she is desperate worrying her life living as cat.

At that time, Muta and Baron came to cat’s country to rescue Haru.

The pretty cat helps her to find a place where she can go back to her ordinary life.

She figures out that the pretty cat that helped her was the cat she rescued before.

Anyway, thanks to Muta and Baron, she can come back her house safely.

It was very attractive movie I definitely recommend this one!!!


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