Howl’s moving castle

Howl’s moving castle



Well, I actually liked the voice actor of one of the main character Howl. Kimura Takuya acts Howl’s voice. He is very popular actor in Japan and Korea. I would like to say he is the best. I was surprised that the way of describing castle, it is very grotesque and odd. I also surprised about Miyazaki’s imagination. I always surprised how he expresses his character in unique way. Sophie becomes old lady because of witch who turns into very old grandma who barely talk. Howl has very unbounded soul, but coward. I also liked scarecrow who is actually princess of neighbor. I actually fall into this movie whole 119 minutes.


I will introduce the plot of this story.


Sophie, a hatter, is a responsible though plain 18-year-old girl who runs her late father’s hat shop. When on her way to the bakery to visit her sister, Lettie, she encounters by chance the mysterious wizard Howl, who takes a liking to her. This arouses the ire of the Witch of the Waste, who has been seeking Howl’s heart for herself. Later that night, she comes to the hat shop and curses Sophie, transforming her into an old woman. As the curse prevents her from telling anyone of her condition, Sophie decides to run away. Along the way, she befriends a sentient scarecrow that she names Turnip Head, who eventually leads her to Howl’s castle.


Once inside, Sophie meets the fire demon Calcifer, who powers the castle and recognizes that Sophie has been cursed. Calcifer offers to break the curse in exchange for Sophie’s help in breaking the spell between him and Howl, which keeps Calcifer bound to the house. The next morning, Markl, Howl’s young apprentice, comes downstairs and begins to create potions and spells for Howl’s patrons. He is perplexed by Sophie’s presence, but doesn’t try to throw her out. Throughout the course of the story he comes to love her like an older sister. When Howl appears, Sophie announces that she is the castle’s new cleaning lady, hired by Calcifer because he was sick of how dirty the castle was. As she adjusts to life in the castle, she discovers that the front door is a magic portal leading to several places.


Currently, the land Sophie is living in is caught up in the beginning of a war (reminiscent of World War I) with its neighbour following the mysterious disappearance of the other realm’s Crown Prince Justin, and slowly the war begins to creep into Sophie’s country itself. Howl receives summons from the King, who orders his various assumed identities to fight in the war. However, Howl fears Madame Suliman, the royal court’s magician and his former mentor, and comes up with an idea to send Sophie, with the protection of a magic ring and Howl himself in disguise, as his mother to announce what a coward he is and that he would ‘ be of no use’. At the palace, Sophie runs into Suliman’s asthmatic dog, Heen, who she originally thinks is Howl undercover. She also meets the Witch of the Waste, who had previously been expelled from the court many years ago and now seeks to regain the royal house’s patronage; instead, Wizard Suliman punishes the Witch by draining all of her power, causing her to regress into a harmless old woman, with little memories of her past actions, only remembering her obsession with Howl. Suliman tells Sophie that Howl will meet the same fate if he does not contribute to the war. As Sophie vehemently protests these measures, the Witch’s spell temporarily weakens due to the love in her words. Suliman realizes Sophie’s true relation to Howl and her feelings towards him and allowing the witch one small victory over Howl, she knows of someone he cares about. Howl then arrives to rescue Sophie, dressed up as the King, but his cover is blown when the real King enters, with the Witch and Heen tagging along. The magic ring Howl gave Sophie guides her to Calcifer, but Suliman begins tracking her to get to Howl.


Sophie learns that Howl transforms into a bird-like creature to interfere in the war, but each transformation makes it more difficult for him to return to human form (as it is made apparent that all wizards who would perform such a change could lose themselves to madness). Howl shows his appreciation for her by transforming the castle so that it can lead to Sophie’s old home as well as Howl’s childhood residence, which he gives to Sophie as a gift. During their walk together, Sophie changes back and forth between her old and young selves until she temporarily stops at her young self albeit with silver hair. Sophie fears he’s preparing to leave them, because he knows his remaining time as a human is limited. A bomber ship flies over Howl’s home and he causes it to malfunction. However, he is then forced to leave Sophie back in the castle while he returns to interfering in the war. Soon after, Sophie’s mother visits the house and somehow recognizes Sophie, despite her old appearance. They then have a happy reunion. However, Sophie’s mother is actually under Suliman’s threats and leaves behind a bag containing a “peeping bug” under her orders. The former Witch of the Waste discovers it and promptly destroys the bug by tossing it into Calcifer. Unfortunately, Calcifer gets sick after eating the bug, rendering him unable to protect the castle from being discovered when Markl opens the windows to air out the Witch’s cigar smoke.


A few hours later, the city is carpet-bombed by enemy aircraft while Suliman’s henchmen invade the hat shop. After arriving in the nick of time and protecting the hat shop from the bombing, Howl draws the guards away, while Sophie and Calcifer bring the castle to the Wastes. Sophie pulls Calcifer out of the castle to destroy the magic and cut off all ties to the city, so that Howl would not be continually forced to defend them (During this time, Sophie has continuously stayed young). They replace Calcifer in the castle’s remains and create a smaller version of the moving machine so they can rescue Howl. Unfortunately, the Witch discovers Howl’s heart in Calcifer’s flames (after Calcifer explains that he needs a part of someone for assistance in powerful magic) and grabs it. To save her from burning, Sophie douses her and Calcifer with water. With Calcifer extinguished, what is left of the castle breaks apart and Sophie and Heen are thrown over a cliff and separated from Markl and the Witch, with the now barely glowing Calcifer still in her hands.


Sophie recovers in tears, believing that she has killed both Calcifer and Howl, as their lives are interconnected. As she is sobbing, Howl’s ring points to the remains of Howl’s castle door, but Sophie doesn’t see it until Heen alerts her; she walks through it, with Heen reluctantly following and finds herself in Howl’s past, where she sees Calcifer being caught by a young Howl as a falling star. Howl and Calcifer make a contract with each other; Howl swallows Calcifer, who then emerges from his chest with Howl’s heart as well. Sophie is pulled back into present time, but before leaving, she yells to Howl and Calcifer that she knows how to help them and they should find and wait for her in the future. They watch in surprise as she is swallowed up by the ground, with a little dog following her. Lost in time and space and falling to the earth, Sophie is guided back to the present by Heen, who keeps urging her to hurry, before the passageway collapses.


Back in the present, Sophie finds Howl, having now lost his human consciousness in bird form, and realizes that he has been waiting for her all along. When they return to the others Howl becomes human again and Sophie pleads with the Witch to give back Howl’s heart, which she puts back in his chest after Calcifer agrees to it. Although Howl has not yet regained consciousness Calcifer returns to his original form and flies away. With Calcifer gone completely, the remains of the castle with everyone still atop, slides down the cliffs and Turnip Head is forced to almost sacrifice himself to stop the fall. As a result of his brave actions, Sophie gives him a kiss, transforming him back into the missing Prince Justin, who had been cursed by a witch until he could receive a kiss from his true love.


By now, Sophie has fully transformed back to her youthful self (with the exception of her silver hair) and Howl recovers and sits up, immediately feeling the new burden of his restored heart, though glad to see Sophie again and comments on her ‘starlight’ hair. Though he has come to love Sophie as well, Prince Justin realizes that her love is for Howl and leaves to put an end to the war, as does Suliman, who spies on the group using Heen. Calcifer returns, realizing that he could not bear to leave his friends. Howl, Sophie, and the others are later seen aboard a new, flying castle powered by Calcifer of his own free will, high above the bomber planes now returning home from the end of the war. The film ends with Markl and Heen playing on a grassy area of the castle, overlooked by Calcifer, with the former Witch of the Wastes watching from a chair like a kindly grandmother, while Howl and Sophie share a kiss on a balcony at the head of the flying castle.

-from Wikipedia.


This is Howl’s moving castle. Isn’t it grotesque and weird?


I feel like it is transformed fish which caused by contamination of water because of industrialization.



18years old girl Sophie who runs hat store from her father, but she turns into old lady!!




Howl! He actually has a blond hair, but accidently he dyes his hair to black.

Personally, I like this scene most!



The witch chase Howl to have his heart. She made Sophie became an old lady, but she also fell a spell and became an old old lady too.


I also liked OST of this movie, well, Miyazaki’s movie included beautiful music, but especially this movie’s OST is great!!!

This is main theme of this movie’s OST.


My neighborhood ToToro!!

My neighborhood ToToro!!


After I saw the spirited away of Sen and Chihiro, I was looking for other animation that Miyazaki made. My neighborhood TOTORO is the one that has lots of recommendation. Well, it made in 1988, which was the year that I was born; I really liked the OST of this animation, and characters such as Cat bus, TOTORO, etc. I felt Miyayzki is genius person who has unbelievable imagination. I watched this movie several times like I usually did when I watched his animation.  I collected several TOTORO key chains either. ^0^ I believe that You love this one.


I will introduce the plot.


In 1958, the Kusakabe family reunites when a university professor and his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei (approximately ten and four years old, respectively) move into an old house in rural Japan to be closer to the hospital where their mother is recovering from an unnamed, long-term illness. The daughters find that the house is inhabited by tiny animated dust creatures called susuwatari— small house spirits seen when moving from light to dark places. When the girls become comfortable in their new house and laugh with their father, the soot spirits (identified as “black soots” in early subtitles and “soot sprites” in the later English dubbed version) leave the house to drift away on the wind.

While she is playing outside one day, Mei sees two white, rabbit-like ears in the grass. She follows the ears under the house where she discovers two small magical creatures, who lead her through a briar patch and into the hollow of a large camphor tree. She meets and befriends a larger version of the same kind of spirit, which identifies itself by a series of roars that she interprets as “Totoro” (in the original Japanese dub, it stems from Mei’s mispronunciation of the word for “troll”).[2] Her father later tells her that this is the “keeper of the forest”.

One rainy night, the girls are waiting for their father’s bus and grow worried when he does not arrive on the bus they expect him on. As they wait, Mei eventually falls asleep on Satsuki’s back and Totoro appears beside them, allowing Satsuki to see him for the first time. He only has a leaf on his head for protection against the rain, so Satsuki offers him the umbrella she had taken along for her father. Totoro is delighted at both the shelter and the sounds made upon it by falling raindrops. In return, he gives her a bundle of nuts and seeds. A bus-shaped giant cat halts at the stop, and Totoro boards it, taking the umbrella. Shortly after, their father’s bus arrives.

The girls plant the seeds. A few days later, they awaken at midnight to find Totoro and his two miniature colleagues engaged in a ceremonial dance around the planted nuts and seeds. The girls join in, whereupon the seeds sprout and then grow into an enormous tree. Totoro takes his colleagues and the girls for a ride on a magical flying top. In the morning, the tree is gone, but the seeds have indeed sprouted.

The girls find out that a planned visit by their mother has to be postponed because of a setback in her treatment. Satsuki takes this very hard, having reached the age where she fully understands the concept of death. Frustrated and frightened, she yells at Mei, then stomps away. Mei, believing that her mother can be cured by healthy food, sets off on foot to the hospital with an ear of corn.

Her disappearance prompts Satsuki and the neighbors to search for her; eventually, Satsuki returns in desperation to the camphor tree and pleads for Totoro’s help. Delighted to be of assistance, he summons the Catbus, which carries her to where the confused Mei sits. Having rescued her, the Catbus then whisks her and Satsuki over the countryside to see their mother in the hospital. The girls perch in a tree outside of the hospital, overhearing a conversation between their parents and discovering that she has been kept in hospital by a minor cold and is otherwise doing well. They secretly leave the ear of corn on the windowsill, where it is discovered by the parents, and return home on the Catbus. When the Catbus departs, it fades away from the girls’ sight.

The closing credits show Mei and Satsuki’s mother returning home and feature scenes of Satsuki and Mei playing with other children, with Totoro and his friends as unseen observers.


-from wekipedia


I felt the story of TOTORO is the fairy tale that my grandmother usually told me. Well, she didn’t actually told me this exact plot, but she know many stories similar to this.

These are the scene that I love!!

This is the capture of the scene that when Satuski met Totoro at first time.

Mei who is younger sister told her family that she met totoro, but her sister, Satsuki, didn’t believe her, but she also wants to meet totoro if that exist. She met him, and borrows him an umbrella, then get present from TOTORO!

After they planted acorn that totoro gave to them, they waited to see sprouts, but it didn’t appear until ToToRo came to give them some ceremony. It grew up as huge tree. This is the scene of ceremony they did. Isn’t it so cute!!!


The cat bus, this bus helped Satuski when she finds her sister. This idea is incredible!!



The main theme OST, I liked all of the music in this movie, but especially this main theme music lingers in my mind.








The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro

The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro

This is one of my favorite movie in Miyazaki’s master pieces, and this is the one that I got interest in his works. It was very popular when it distributed in Korea; but I didn’t like animation movie very much, so I refused to see this movie when I friends asked me to watch this one at first. However, she insisted that The Spiriting Away of Sen and Chihiro is the different than other Disney animation movie. Therefore, I show this and I fell in love with director of Sen and Chihiro who is Miyazaki Hayao.

This is my favorite scene in Sen and Chihiro.

Probably, many people saw this movie. This is not like Disney animation which is fairy tale style. This movie shows Miyazaki’s imagination which catch people’s interest making them fall into his world.


Chihiro Ogino, a 10-year-old girl, moves with her parents to a new town when they become lost and find what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. Chihiro’s father insists on exploring it, and she and her mother reluctantly accompany him. Chihiro’s parents sample the food at an unattended stall. After Chihiro wanders off and finds a grand bathhouse, a boy approaches and warns her to leave before nightfall. When Chihiro runs back to her parents, she finds they have been transformed into pigs[4], and the park starts to swarm with monsters.

She eventually learns from Haku, the boy she had met earlier, that her family has become trapped in the spirit world. He also reveals that he had known her since she was a child. Haku brings Chihiro to the bathhouse where he tells her to see Kamaji, a six-armed man who works the boiler room, to ask for a job. Rejecting Chihiro’s request, Kamaji entrusts her to Lin, a bathhouse worker. Lin takes her to see Yubaba, the witch who runs the bathhouse. Denying Chihiro’s request to work, Yubaba eventually allows her to work on the condition that her name is changed to Sen (千?), the first character of Chihiro’s name. Having been told from Haku that Yubaba controls her servants by taking their names, Chihiro is warned that if she forgets her real name, she will be trapped in the world forever.

While working as Lin’s assistant, Sen allows a mysterious masked spirit to enter. Later, a “stink spirit” enters the bathhouse. Sen eventually cleans the stink spirit, revealing himself to be a spirit of a polluted river. In return for restoring his health, the river spirit bestows upon Sen an emetic dumpling.

Sen eventually realizes Haku is actually a dragon. Having been seriously injured his dragon form by a shikigami, Yubaba orders her servants to kill Haku, but is eventually rescued by Sen. The shikigami reveals herself to be Zeniba, Yubaba’s twin sister. Zeniba informs Sen that Haku stole her gold seal on Yubaba’s orders and transforms Boh, Yubaba’s large baby son, into a mouse and her bird into a smaller bird, demanding the gold seal to be given back. Haku and Sen flee and fall into the boiler room again, where she feeds him part of the dumpling. Haku coughs up the gold seal and a black slug, which Sen crushes with her foot. Kamaji gives Sen train tickets to visit Zeniba and to beg her to lift the curse on the seal. Boh, in his mouse form, and the bird accompany her.

Meanwhile, the masked spirit Sen allowed into the bathhouse reveals himself as a monster called “No Face.” No Face, who swallows one of the servants, a frog, in order to speak, offers gold to the staff in exchange for large quantities of food. No Face continues to eat, causing it to grow to immense size, eventually swallowing several other employees. Later, Sen feeds No Face the remainder of the dumpling, causing him to regurgitate everything and everyone out. Restored to his prior inoffensive form, No Face also accompanies Sen to Zeniba’s house.

Haku regains consciousness and learns that Sen has gone to see Zeniba. Yubaba, enraged by both the damage caused by No Face and Sen’s departure, orders Sen’s parents to be killed. Haku appears and warns Yubaba that something precious to her has been replaced, and she realizes that Boh has disappeared. Telling her that Boh is with Zeniba, Haku proposes should he return Boh, Yubaba will allow Sen and her parents to return the human world. However, Yubaba also insists that Sen has to take one final test.

Sen, Boh, and No Face arrive at Zeniba’s house and find Zeniba to be friendly. Zeniba says Sen’s love broke the seal’s spell, and the slug Sen killed was the curse Yubaba had used to enslave Haku. Haku appears in his dragon form to pick up Sen and Boh, while No Face remains with Zeniba. Realizing that Sen once fell into the Kohaku River as a child, she guesses Haku is the spirit of the river who saved her, freeing Haku from Yubaba’s spell.

Haku returns Boh to Yubaba, and Sen, now called Chihiro, is offered a final test to guess her parents from a group of pigs. She correctly answers that none of them are her parents. Haku leads her towards the entrance of the park and promises they will see each other again. Chihiro reunites with her parents, who do not recall their experiences, and the family depart from the park.

-from wikipedia.

I love the character of Haku. He has very attractive looking and charismatic. He also very kind and nice to Chihiro, and help her to escape with her family. Probably, many girls like his characteristic.

I also like this black smokes!!!!!!

When I first show this monster, I was really scared, but he doesn’t harm anybody.

I also like the ending OST.

This movie gave me new impression of animation; I became a fan of Japanese animation movie after I saw this one.

I am still looking forward with his new pieces.


This is the English trailer of Sen and Chihiro.

Miyazaki Hayao

Miyazaki Hayao – Animation director.

My favorite animation author is Miyazaki
Hayao (Jan. 05. 1941 ~). He is famous Japanese animation director. He was born
in Tokyo.  He has a brother who loves to
talk about the story of war, therefore, he was very interested in comics and
fantasy. After he graduated from university he was hired for Fairy
-Tale Company. His first director work called “Future Boy Conan.” It was great
hit, so he try to keep up his job as animation director. In 1986, he established
studio ‘Ghibli’ and launched My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The
Crimson Pig. Totoro is the symbol character of Ghibli studio. The Princess
Mononoke was greatest piece which brought ten million audiences. It also
distributed to worldwide alliancing with Disney. It also made a lot of fans
that crazed for Japanese Animation. The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro made
him to get awarded in Berlin Film Festival.

Here are another his master pieces.

Puss ‘n Boots (1969)

Future Boy Conan (1978)

Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro (1979)

Anne Of Green Gables (1979)

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind (1984)

Sherlock Hound, The Detective (1984)

Laputa : Castle In The Sky (1986)

The Story of Yanagawa’s Canals (1987)

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Memories Of Teardrops (1991)

The Crimson Pig (1992)

Raccoon War Pom Poko (1994)

Whisper Of The Heart (1995)

On Your Mark (1995)

The Princess Mononoke (1997)

The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro (2001)

The Cat Returns (2002)

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Tales From Earthsea (2006)

Ponyo On The Cliff (2008)

The Borrowers (2010)

Kokuriko-zaka kara (2011)

This is his working space.

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